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Is Norway the destination for you? Do you like history, culture, geography?  If you answered yes, then Norway is a destination to see.

  • International Travel - A new discovery awaits the traveler when their travels bring them beyond the confines of their home country - language, traditions, architecture, culinary delights!
  • Geiranger, Norway - Like the spear it's named for, Geirangerfjord thrusts nine miles into Norway's mountains. Over 900 feet deep, the narrow fjord is lined by sheer cliffs that rear some 2,000 feet above its surface. Waterfalls, such as the Seven Sisters and Bridal Veil Falls, plummet from cliff to fjord. At the head of this magnificent spectacle sits the tiny village of Geiranger. No wonder travelers have come to call for over a century and a half. Geirangerfjord is often described as the "most beautiful fjord in the world."
  • Oslo, Norway - Forest-clad slopes plummet to an island-studded fjord, Scandinavia's oldest capital city.
  • Alesund, Norway - The island of Giske is the reputed birthplace of the great Viking Rollon, who laid siege to Paris and founded the Duchy of Normandy. William the Conqueror was his grandson.