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Colombia - Cycling Adventures

Cycling Adventures: Road or Dirt!

Bogota to Cartagena Cycling Tour

Crossing Colombia: From the Mountains to the Coast

Be prepared for a rush of culture; riding from Bogotá to Cartagena, passing through Medellin, will give you a good perspective of what Colombia is, a mix of cultures, climates, ecosystems, food, music, races, etc. all in one cycling experience to remember. We'll start from Bogotá, cross the Andes to Medellin and then we will head north to the coast, where we will finish our trip in the Caribbean coast to have a well-deserved rest.

Duration: 8 or 14 days, 1321.8 km

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Villa De Leyva Dirt Road Cycling Tour

Let's Dirt the Desert Up

Towns of Suesca, Ráquira and many others are going to prepare us for the last piece of the pie. After crossing the Candelaria Desert, we will arrive to Villa de Leyva, an amazing town where colonial architecture, nature, archeology, paleontology and history converge to create the most magical atmosphere you have ever experienced.

Duration: 8 or 10 days, 269.2 km

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Coffee Region Road Cycling Tour

Cycling with the Taste of Coffee

Not interested in long distances or hard climbs? If you just want to have a nice cycling holiday with calmed and nice rides everyday, this is the tour for you. Short distances, where you still feel the Colombian mountains but in a moderate level so you can enjoy your holiday not feeling too tired. We will take you to every little corner of the Coffee Region, we will show you the process of coffee, and you will see the imposing national tree, the "wax palm" in Cocora Valley and have a nice hike day to the "House of the Hummingbirds". We will make sure you enjoy your holidays as you supposed to and you will leave Colombia wanting to come back for more.

Duration: 7 - 324.4 km or 11 days - 448.5 km

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Boyacá Road Cycling Tour

Land of Cyclists, People & Magical Towns

Boyacá is so amazing, so beautiful and its people are so charming, that is impossible to fully express with words what it is about. Not only a factory of top cyclists, but also a factory of great and hard working people, the agricultural region of Colombia by excellence and a region where you are going to want to stay because time stops once you enter to Boyacá and life priorities change. We will ride through a region that with it's mountains create unique routes and also unique landscapes, we will pass through beautiful towns where many of our cyclists are from, which means we will ride through their training routes and you will enjoy each one of the kilometers ridden.

Cycling through Boyacá on the routes of the bests cyclists of Latin America, where sportsmen as Nario Quintana where forged is a privilege and a pleasure; we will visit their home towns and we will ride across the most amazing landscapes, by beautiful lakes and beautiful towns such as Suesca, Villa de Leyva or Mongui. After leaving Boyacá, we will enter to the eternal plains of the eastern lands of Colombia, where we will have the most amazing experience with nature and we will be surrounded by its greatness.

Duration: 11 days - 584.4 km

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Letras Mountain Pass Road Cycling Tour

Crossing the Andes: The Mythical Letras Mountain Pass

Welcome to the mountains! Let's cross the central mountain range and accept the challenge of conquering Letras pass, passing through all the ecosystems, this climb will give you the best collection of cycling images you have ever thought, it will seem like you are doing 3 cycling trips in just one. Welcome to the mountains! Welcome to Colombia!, let's get on our bikes and feel like real "Escarabajos".

The coffee region awaits us with its stunning coffee fields and landscapes, with its incredible people and delicious food, but more important with its majestic mountains, that every cyclist wants to conquer.

We will do a few nice mountain passes, but before you can call yourself an authentic “Escarabajo”, there is one small obstacle we have to cross, "Alto de Letras" will appear in front of us, challenging us to cross it, with its 80km long at 6% it will seem like we have been preparing our legs and our head for this climb; and we will be there assisting you in every single pedaling, in every single km to help you to conquer its top at 3700m.

Duration: 8 days - 499.5 km

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