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New Brunswick Adventures!

A beautiful destination to enjoy from a mild relaxing pace to high-adventure hiking or cycling.  Contact Cori to help build your custom itinerary.  Itineraries can be developed for couples or groups!



Welcome to the beauty of New Brunswick and splendor of the Grand Falls Gorge! Explore by foot to see fantastic views from various lookouts on walking trails, or take a guided pontoon boat tour for a different perspective. For a closer view of this spectacular sight, climb down 401 steps from the La Rochelle Centre to visit the Wells in the Rocks. You can also explore the famous gorge by kayaking its waters or swooshing over it on a zip line! Prepare yourself for a thrill of a lifetime on a zip line adventure that offers a one-of-a-kind way to see this natural wonder.


St. Stephen is Canada’s Chocolate Town, home of Ganong Bros Ltd., Canada’s oldest candy company, and is the place to “Discover the Wonder of Chocolate”.


Explore the natural history of beautiful Passamaquoddy Bay in St. Andrews by-the-Sea and the surrounding area on a high-end mountain bike and with a custom made biking kilt! Join a local guide for an easy, moderate or expert ride on easy rolling terrain or challenging single track.


Cruise by zodiac through the passages the many islands of New Brunswick’s Bay of Fundy on your way to the whales feeding grounds. You will experience the power of nature in the gigantic tides of Fundy, where Finback, Minke and Humpback whales, porpoises and seals are regularly encountered on our trips, as well as diverse avian and pelagic species, including eagles, ospreys, auks and Atlantic puffins.


Ministers Island is an enchanting place to experience. Lying just off the shore near St. Andrews, New Brunswick, Canada, this 500-acre island is only a part-time island. You reach it by driving over the seafloor approximately 1 kilometer (1/2 mile).


A four-hour guided interpretive hike from Big Salmon River Suspension Bridge to the Hearst Lodge... featuring flora, fauna and the history of the Hearst Lodge. Enjoy lunch in the lodge or at a picnic table overlooking the salmon pool.


A UNESCO Biosphere Reserve - 2-4 days – St Martin’s Start NOTE: This is not a hiking trip for novice hikers, do not attempt alone or without adequate backcountry experience, skills, and awareness of Bay of Fundy Tides. - Hike through the longest remaining wilderness coastline on the eastern seaboard. Challenge yourself with the 41 km trek from Big Salmon River, Fundy Trail Parkway to Fundy National Park. The Footpath travels down river valleys and over sheer cliffs, with 300m changes in elevation, offering stunning coastal views. Visit hidden waterfalls, ford tidal rivers and explore remote beaches. Witness the highest tides in the world flow in and out of the Bay of Fundy, which sees more water in one tide cycle than all the world's freshwater rivers combined. Guide highly recommended.


Take a guided hike to a waterfall, UNESCO Fundy Biosphere site or a mellow beach, just a few of the many interpretive programs offered throughout the summer. The Fundy Interpreters are known for their love of nature and the creative ways in which they share their knowledge and passion with visitors.


After listening to interpretation of the rugged coastline and picturesque lighthouse, it’s time to suit up and head off. First a solid-ground practice session, then WHOOSH – away you go as you smell the salt in the air and feel the exhilaration of pure accomplishment.


Get ready for adventure in the Bay of Fundy! Don your personal floatation device and begin with "dry land" kayaking school, then climb into the double kayak for on-water training. Once you're comfortable, the journey begins! Skirt the world-famous "flower-pot" rocks as you follow the route to Staircase Cove, then on to Shepody Bay. You’ll marvel at panoramic views as your guide provides interpretation of the Bay of Fundy ecosystem, the ‘Rocks,’ the remarkable tides, and the local culture.


Explore famous and picturesque Hopewell Rocks are located on the shores of the Bay of Fundy at Hopewell Cape. This attraction is one of the Marine Wonders of the World, and is the site of some of the World’s Highest Tides.Walk on the ocean floor in the shadows of the majestic flower-pot rocks, unique formations carved by erosion over thousands of years. Note: It is important to time your visit in accordance with the dates tide schedule.

The Maritime Signature Experiences

20 Night

Minimum 2 persons

Self Driving Adventure


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New Brunswick 'Black Lable Experience'

7 Night Adventure

Breathtaking scenery, quaint communities, boutique accommodations, secluded beaches, rich history, exceptional cuisine coupled with authentic hands-on experiences - this itinerary has it all. The New Brunswick ‘Black Label collection’ has been crafted to incite your senses, taking the very best of New Brunswick and creating a truly authentic unforgettable experience.

Rates starting at $2207 per person + tax double occupancy

Itinerary and Information